Winchester’s Lost Palaces: Anglo-Saxon and Norman kings in Residence

The Winchester Excavations Committee annual lecture evening, which took place at the Hampshire Record Office on Wednesday 7th December, was another sold out success. This year’s event explored Royal Gatherings in Anglo-Saxon and Early Norman Winchester, and addressed the question of where in Winchester important royal and ecclesiastical visitors might have stayed.

WEC lecture 2016 hants chronicle

Winchester Excavations Committee Christmas cards

We have three different Christmas card designs on offer this year.

The first design, new for 2016, features a piece of Anglo-Saxon wall painting found during Martin Biddle’s excavations of New Minster and dates to the later 9th century (pictured right). These cards are A6 in size and are available in packs of 5 cards at £2.50 per pack.

Our other two designs feature the Anglo-Saxon Cathedral of Old Minster at different stages of its development. Taken from original watercolours by our illustrator Simon Hayfield, these cards are A5 in size and are available in packs of 6 at £3.00 per pack.

Click HERE for more details and to order online.

All three designs are also available to purchase at the Winchester Charity Christmas Card Sale at Winchester Guidhall Tourist Information Office.

Anglo-Saxon painting copyright
Anglo-Saxon wall painting from New Minster, later 9th century.

New Historical map of Winchester c. 1800

In October (2016), we launched a new historical map of Winchester, based on a reconstructed plan of the ancient city in 1800. This is an updated and fully revised version of our folding map first published in 2012 and includes an introductory history of Winchester by Professor Martin Biddle.

Winchester’s remarkable history from its time as a royal and ecclesiastical centre without parallel in Anglo-Saxon England, to the city known by Jane Austen is shown on this detailed and informative folded map.

We have been able to incorporate up-to-date information as a result of our ongoing research in preparation for our publication of the Winchester Atlas. The new historical map also includes a gazetteer of Winchester’s most important buildings and sites, illustrated in colour.

The retail price of the map is £8.99 and is available from local Winchester bookstores.

Friends and donors can order a copy for £8 or 2 for £15 by contacting

New Winchester map

Winchester: A Nation Emerges symposium and launch of our new historical map of Winchester

On 22nd October, a new project group, ‘Winchester: The Royal City’ held its first public event entitled ‘Winchester, A Nation Emerges’. This one day symposium explored the people and fabric of Anglo-Saxon Winchester and included many distinguished speakers, such as Professor Michael Wood:

“If you want to get a sense of why the Anglo-Saxons still matter to us today, just take a take a trip to Winchester… the place where the ideas of the Carolingian Renaissance in Europe were made concrete in English politics and ideology, in architecture and art, in learning and in law. For that reason especially, it is a key place in the story of England.”

The symposium marked a fantastic start to this exciting and ambitious project which was set up by the Hampshire Cultural Trust and is made up of a number of Winchester organisations including the Winchester Excavations Committee. The project wishes to celebrate and promote the ancient city of Winchester as a centre of key significance to the development of England and English Culture.

The project group comprises of The Hampshire Cultural Trust, Hyde900, The English Project, University of Winchester, Winchester Cathedral, Winchester Excavations Committee, Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council.

The event concluded with the launch of our new historical map of Winchester c. 1800, a revised edition of the Winchester map first published by the Excavations Committee in 2012.