*For information on Christmas cards available in 2017 please contact Clare Chapman at friends@winchesterstudies.org.uk or call 07743 953 504*

We have three different Christmas card designs on offer this year.

The first design, new for 2016, features a piece of Anglo-Saxon wall painting found during Martin Biddle’s excavations of New Minster and dates to the later 9th century. These cards are A6 in size and are available in packs of 5 cards at £2.50 per pack.

Our other two designs feature the Anglo-Saxon Cathedral of Old Minster at different stages of its development. Taken from original watercolours by our illustrator Simon Hayfield, these cards are A5 in size and are available in packs of 6 at £3.00 per pack.

To order your Winchester Studies Christmas cards either follow the online steps below or complete and return a WEC Christmas Card 2016 Order Form.*

The message inside all cards reads: ‘Season’s Greetings’

All proceeds will go to the Winchester Excavations Committee to help fund the Winchester Studies series.

Select the design you would like to order and click ‘Add to cart’. On the following page, you will be able to select the quantity of packs you require. Please note that the Anglo-Saxon painting cards are in packs of 5 and the Old Minster cards are in packs of 6.

*Please note: there is a maximum order of 10 packs per transaction when ordering online. Orders of up to 5 packs will be packaged together. Orders over 5 packs will be packaged in more than one parcel. Please contact friends@winchesterstudies.org.uk or call 07743 953504 for international orders.

Anglo-Saxon painting copyright
Anglo-Saxon wall painting, later C9th
OM copyright
Old Minster in the snow c. 700
Christmas card 2015 design
Old Minster in the snow c. 1000 with New Minster in the background

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