New Historical map of Winchester c. 1800

In October (2016), we launched a new historical map of Winchester, based on a reconstructed plan of the ancient city in 1800. This is an updated and fully revised version of our folding map first published in 2012 and includes an introductory history of Winchester by Professor Martin Biddle.

Winchester’s remarkable history from its time as a royal and ecclesiastical centre without parallel in Anglo-Saxon England, to the city known by Jane Austen is shown on this detailed and informative folded map.

We have been able to incorporate up-to-date information as a result of our ongoing research in preparation for our publication of the Winchester Atlas. The new historical map also includes a gazetteer of Winchester’s most important buildings and sites, illustrated in colour.

The retail price of the map is £8.99 and is available from local Winchester bookstores.

Friends and donors can order a copy for £8 or 2 for £15 by contacting

New Winchester map

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